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Kirua has made a beginner's guide for new Warpless runners and you can find it here.

(Rest copied from Aweglib's Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/faZyLxux)

The Warpless Route by CujoIHSV goes over basic theory, when and where to fight hammer bros and use items, etc.

Warpless Tutorial by WhenChukAttacks: https://www.twitch.tv/whenchukattacks/v/42569050

Talks about basic movement in general as well as strats for levels, good source if you've gotten a little start with SMB3 or even if you're still brand new.

Warpless Tutorial by Lawso42:


Another good tutorial, split up by worlds. Shows individual levels then breaks them down for visual cues, etc.

Warpless Strategy by Aweglib(me :P):

Part 1 Worlds 1-3: http://www.twitch.tv/aweglib/v/34984893

Part 2 Worlds 4-6: http://www.twitch.tv/aweglib/v/36519785

Part 3 Worlds 7-8: http://www.twitch.tv/aweglib/v/36520960

I wanted to make more of a big picture kind of guide, geared more towards players who have already learned strats, but might be still struggling with remembering how to deal with RNG or mistakes during a run. How to do levels quickly is shown as just part of the overall discussion, but this is focused more on handling the route instead of individual level strats.

SMB3 Practice Rom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqgl5k0qi9si5en/Super%20Mario%203%20Practice%20ROM.nes?dl=0

A rom made by FredCoughlin to assist with learning the game via emulator or flash cart, it includes free movement on the overworld, a full inventory, world and lives select on the title screen, as well as some extra paths to make traversing the world map a bit easier (especially in w8).


Recently, Dots has added a few features to Fred's original ROM, including P-meter updates to help manage P-speed, the ability to Start+Select to exit levels, and more paths in World 9 (Warp Zone) to allow movement between worlds easier.

Game Genie Codes for Console:


As far as I know these are the 3 best Game Genie codes to use if you want to practice on console. I don't know exactly which code is which, but it gives you access to a world select and life counter on the opening screen, (Up/Down to change world on the left, A to add on 5 more lives) gives you a full inventory with the ability to reuse items, as well as letting you re-enter normal stages. Forts, airships, and odd levels like the pyramid are unable to be re-enter after completion, so you'll have to suicide in the level or reset to get back into them.